Condominium Corporation Management

When you choose Genedco Property Management Ltd, you will be partnering with an experienced and dedicated team. We have a great working relationship with quality experienced, licensed and insured contractors and landscapers. We firmly believe in employing local contractors when possible.

We are visible and respected members of our communities and enjoy a proven track record of integrity and reliability. Whether your property is a multi-unit residential building, a condominium investment property, a condominium corporation, a single family dwelling or commercial property, we take away the workload and worry of protecting your investment.

Listed below are some of the services provided:


 1.  Arrange meetings and consult with the Board of Directors
 2.  Arrange and prepare for Annual General meetings
 3.  Deposit monthly common element fees
 4.  Keep accurate records on each condominium unit
 5.  Liens are prepared to protect other unit owners and the Corporation
 6.  Prepare status certificates as requested
 7.  Provide quarterly financial reports
 8.  Provide financial records necessary for the auditor and accountant for year end reporting
 9.  Prepare yearly budget for Board approval
10. Establish preventative maintenance procedures for common areas
11. Arrange quotes and tenders
12. Inspect repairs and maintenance work
13. Ensure repairs and maintenance work are completed according to quotes, tenders are RFP's
14. Liaison between the Board of Directors and Condominium owners
15. Ensure boards and owners are informed and adhering to the condominium rules and regulations
16. Respond to owners concerns and inquiries
17. Twenty-four hour emergency service

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