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The professional services you have provided over the past two years were excellent and have been much appreciated.  I anticipate requiring your services again in the near future for another unit in the same complex and will be contacting you as the need arises.

Thanks, John

Even though I never lived in the building, I would like to thank all the people at Genedco for the many years of excellent service to make ownership trouble free and keep me well informed.


Kind regards



It’s terrific that things have worked out  so well with Genedco. As you know, we could understand your unhappiness with your first Manager and were pleased at your decision to change so that we could be coordinated. I knew  Carl through a Town Committee long before he bought Genedco , which managed our first Condo building here.


I have lived in a condo managed by Genedco Property Management for over 4 years. In that time I have had nothing but good service, good communication and excellent co-operation from all of the staff who go out of their way to do what they can to help. Not all problems can be resolved instantly but I have been satisfied with their efforts taken to fix the issues.

Rocky Cleveland

I live in one of the condominiums Genedco manages and I had no hot water in my bathroom over the weekend. I thought it was my responsibility to fix but couldn’t afford a plumber. I ran into the Owner and he said he would come in to look at it to see the problem. Well, he was able to fix it and didn’t even charge me and saved me calling a plumber!
Thank you so much. Very much appreciate how responsive he was

Lisa B